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Will Henshaw Who?
A Film/TV Producer/ Director/ DoP, based in London, UK, with the film/TV production company August Productions Ltd.

Mind Body & Kick Ass Moves
Luckily I managed to project my passion for martial arts through the television series I created, initially for the BBC and then elsewhere, called Mind Body & Kick Ass Moves or Mind Body Kickin Moves if you are in the US. The brief, as always, was to reach a wide audience; so we had to present material not only for the martial artist but for the ordinary viewer. It was a labour of love for me, and in spite of all the problems we managed to make it with judicious editing. Hope you like it.

World of Martial Arts Television
WoMA.tv or http://www.woma.tv/ is an on-line video service screening everything you ever wanted to know about countless martial arts. Watch and learn the basics: how to punch, kick and throw. Explore the roots of your favourite martial art: our great tv content includes programmes on philosophy, medicine, culture and spirituality. Make and share your own playlists, swap warm-up techniques, exercises and tricks of the trade. Whatever your style and however you came here – through the fighting, the fusion of mind and body, or simply through the films – there’s a community for you at WoMA.tv.

Watch everything from Karate to Yoga, special forces training to spiritual exploration. Browse the site, and you’ll soon discover that the World of Martial Arts is a place where very different people with very different interests rub shoulders…

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